Nicki and David

Well what do I say about this wedding ……

I arrived not knowing very much at all about this couple which is quite unusual. I was told they loved my photos and I could do whatever I wanted. So I turned up and instantly was mesmerized by the beautiful Nicki. Watching her through my lens I was struck with how graceful and elegant she was.  However the elegance didn’t last long and was replaced by one of the craziest brides ever – add on THE craziest bridesmaids and I certainly had my hands full. Fortunately I love crazy, in fact I actively encourage it and I adored this wedding. David was a true gent and obviously madly in love with his beautiful wife. Their adorable baby, who giggled throughout the day was the center of attention. It rained quite a lot but nobody cared, and as always in France, the sun eventually came out and they ended the day dancing under the stars.  The venue Chateau St Pauls in South West France provided the perfect backdrop.



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